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Restorative body treatment
60% of the body’s internal organs are responsible for metabolic function.
Our visceral manipulation therapy will correct structural imbalances to improve bad circulatory problems and release restrictions that are causing pain, fatigue, tummy bloat, fat, weakness and other debilitating illnesses. As each person’s lifestyle is different from the other, each treatment is customized according to your specific symptoms.
In our holistic approach, only carefully selected and combined medicinal herbs and plant based oils in their purest form are used.

Beauty au naturel beats them all!
The secret to beauty and longevity is in how your body responds to your lifestyle. Natural Spirit’s manipulative massage does the following to your body.

Slims the body down
Sculpts the body
Cleanses the body
Improves nutrient absorption and metabolism

Enhances the body, skin and hair
Rejuvenates and delays the aging process
Promotes strong muscles and joints

Improves lifestyle-related disorders
Treats metabolic syndrome
Best effect with exercise and balanced nutrition
Controls balance

Addresses tension and stress through naturopathy treatment
Calms down the nerves
Fights oxidation that produces free radicals in the body that may damage cells leading to other diseases
Aids in recovering from fatigue

The adhesion of fibers in your internal organs affects the body’s natural mechanism leading to stress and fatigue. This treatment will put you back in form and restore your overall energy.

Visceral Treatment ¥12,800 / 90-min session
¥ 27,600/ 3 90-min sessions
(Do 3 sessions in a span of 2 weeks for best results.)

Visceral Treatment Plus ¥16,300/ 120-min session
(Combined with Visceral treatment, this spot-focused session aims to disentangle adhesions in a particular area with intensive care.)

Why Visceral Treatment?
It’s got the most natural healing power known to man. Not only does it effectively evaluate and treat the natural dynamics of the internal organs that affect our mobility, posture and health, it also does it fast.